Earning money with short url, click here !!

Earning money with URL Shortener is easy and even possible without an own website. But how does this actually work? 

A URL shortener is a simple service which allows you to shrink long URLs. After shortening a long website address (URL) you get a short link, which is also referred to as "short URL" or "URL alias".

In addition to ad-free services (goo.gl is the best known example), there is also MoneyUrl that pay money for commercial-ads. The principle is simple: the shortened URL is not immediately linked to the actual target, but firstly shows any kind of advertising.  

URL shortener are suitable for webmasters who use many (external) links on their webseite or blog. But even people without an own website can earn money with shortened URLs for example via Facebook, Twitter or posts in forums or guestbooks. We have listed you the best URL shortener to earn money with. For most of them you also find a proof of payment.

Published on: 2/7/18, 3:35 PM