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In order to start earning it is necessary that once we have converted the link, the link must be clicked by other people. For every click there is a gain that will slowly increase your table displayed on the home when you login to the site.

So, the more people will visit your links the higher your income will be.

In addition to this method there is another one, and it is that of Reffering through which it is possible to earn about 30% for ever of the total income of those who register below us. That is, by advertising the service and advising our friends, we will not only earn on each link, but we will be able to perceive the gains that others receive.

Finally, there is another method perhaps the most efficient in my opinion that allows you to insert one within our site, forum or blog in order to automate the process of link shortering saving a lot of time. In fact, each link will be transformed, in the moment in which it is clicked, in a link of MoneyUrl, allowing us to monetize all the traffic coming from our website.

Published on: 2/15/18, 11:03 PM